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No Rest For The Wicked at Glastonbury 2014

So glad I finally got to see her. It made it ten times more magical that it was at glastonbury

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3 year old death grip!


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We Never Change - Coldplay

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i felt really sad last night for the first time in ages…

everything felt like it was passing me by and i didnt have much control on anything at all. when do you know your right about something? or made the right decision…  ive constantly felt at a crossroads these past few months, trying to make decisions that now souly make me happy and not what i think im “supposed” to be achieving in other peoples eyes. 

i felt like i just needed to stop and scratch back down to my own raw basics again. its easy to get surrounded by this weird cottoncandy that you kind of start putting up to protect yourself but can eventually start clouding your brain and your decisions, im sure i sound like im on crack and dancing with the fairies but to me it makes sense. i havent written on here in ages and i forgot what a good vent it can be. 

i dont want to become so wrapped up in myself that i loose vision of whats going on around me or loose my own standards…

its so important to be honest with yourself and check yourself out every so often, you sometimes find some stuff you dont really want to admit. 

but the universe always puts everything to right in its own way and mcdonalds cokes always help. 

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